Cottingham Springboard Festival

     25tH - 26th - 27th May 2018              


Lewis Mennell and his team run the Sunday Sounds Of The Estuary Stage. Lewis has put on excellent festival stages in previous years here. 

Pete Clarkson is an accomplished musician and singer song writer. He is also in a number of function band that are available for parties, weddings etc. Grand Theft Audio - Hive Mind 

Plus a more experimental project with Si Simms. Capture The Flag. 

Pete is also hosts at the various Off The Road shows around Hull and East Yorkshire. 

Pete will be hosting Off The Road Living Room Lounge Stage. On Saturday 26th May 2018 in the front room of King Billy. 

James Millar is an accomplished musician and singer song writer. James Millar's heart warming songs and sweet deep vocals has made him one to watch. 

James Millar will be the host of The Social Fretwork Stage in the front room of King Billy on Sunday 27th May 2018.

Venue 2 - The King William IV (King Billy)

Back Room of King Billy 

Sounds Of The Estuary 


Off The Road Pt2

Stage Organiser 

Lewis Mennell 


Tel: 07809 640247





Front Room of King Billy


Saturday 26th May 5pm - 11.30pm 

Off The Road Live Lounge Stage

Stage Organiser 

Pete Clarkson


Tel: 0751 4877902


Sunday 27th May 5pm - 11.30pm.

The Social Fretwork Stage

Stage Organiser 

James Millar


Tel: 0747 6718123  

Friday May 25th 

The Back Room 

The Sounds of the Estuary Stage 

4pm The Avenues UK

4.45pm The Nocturnal Flowers

5.30pm Bloom

6.15pm All Gone South

​7.00pm MyOneManBand

8.00pm Flora Greysteel

9.15pm The Triology

10.30pm Last of the Wonder Kids 



Saturday May 26th 

The Back Room

Sounds of The Estuary Stage 

1.00pm Angel Armstrong 

1.45pm Becky Marie Banks 

2.30pm Estuary Dwellers

3.15pm Will Bonnell 

4.00pm Exposed (acoustic)

4.45pm Andy Towse

5.30pm Great Northern Hotel

6.15pm Cleaver

7.00pm Percy

8.00pm Nervous Twitch 

9.15pm Chorusgirl

10.30pm Rivers of Johansson and the Deemed Unrighteous  



The Front Room

Off The Road Live lounge Stage.

5.00pm ​Richard Silvester 

5.30pm Dan The Rapperman

6.00pm Two Tokes

6.30pm Kali Taylor

7.00pm James Millar

7.30pm Ellie Pollard

8.00pm Jowen Long

9.00pm Jack Parker

10.00pm Mr Sneaks

11.00pm Whisky Sky




Sunday May 27th

The Back Room

Sounds of The Estuary Stage

12.45pm Michael Caruana 

1.30pm Julian Socha

2.15pm Emily River Thompson

3.00pm Joe Watts

3.45pm Mila Lee

4.30pm Amy Bell

5.15pm Leather'O

6.00pm Pilgrims' Dreams

6.45pm Hase Waits 

8.00pm Metisa 

9.15pm The Crash Blossoms

10.30pm Black Kes 


The Front Room

Social Fretwork Stage 

5.30pm Adam Davison 

6.15pm Tom Gorringe 

7.00pm Joe Simpson

7.45pm Katrina Rae

8.30pm Angel Armstrong

9.15pm George Suddaby 

10.00pm Beth Hubbard

10.45pm Sam Bishop