Cottingham Springboard Festival

     25tH - 26th - 27th May 2018              


Promoting The 2018 Springboard Festival Event

Promoting 2017On Your Radio

  • A BBC Radio Humberside Springboard special broadcasted from Cottingham Market Green on Thursday 25th May from 12pm-2.30pm featured live music and interviews with musicians, a couple of venue organisers and landlords. You can re-listen here: BBC Springboard Broadcast from Cottingham
  • KCFM has been promoting the festival with interviews and plugs


  • In Your Papers

     Hull Mag

     Hull Daily Mail


  • In your Pint Glass

    Springboard Festiv-Ale is back, along with another brand new as-yet-unnamed rasperry pale ale ...

  • In Your CD Player

    Festival CDs will be on sale for just £3 each featuring a variety of Springboard acts. Festival T-shirts will also be on sale, for just £8 





Promoting The 2016 Springboard Festival Event 


  • In Your Pint Glass
    The Festival's first Springboard real ale is here, called Springboard Festiv-Ale, it will be available at the bar at Venue 1 The Civic Hall at just £3 a pint. The beer optic has been designed especially for the festival byHull's Turbo Snail.

  • In Your CD Player
    As usual the Festival will be raising funds by selling a CD featuring various Springboard Festival artists available for £3 each. The CD cover (pictured)  has been designed by Hull's Turbo Snail.


  • In Your Heart
    We have had donated (along with various other things) a very nice guitar (pictured below) that has been specially customised by Hull's Turbo Snail  for the fundraising festival raffle. Tickets will be on sale at £2/strip from vendors making their way around all the venues and also from Venue 1 (The Civic Hall), Venue 2 (the King Billy) and on Saturday at Venue 10 (The Olive Garden), other venues TBC.



  • On Your Back
    Festival T-shirts just £6 each! We can keep prices low by the kind involvement of our sponsors featured on the back.


  • On Your Wrist

    Wristbands for entry to Venue 1 the Civic Hall:
    £ for a 1-day (any day) Wristband
    £ for a weekend wristband (All events on Friday night, Saturday, Sunday)
    You can also buy an "I <3 Cottingham Springboard" wristband for £3 to help fund the festival

  • In Your Papers & New Media
    Check out the Springboard 2016 article in HullMag HERE
    Check out the Springboard 2016 article from the Hull Daily Mail HERE
    For the online version of the Springboard 2016 article from the Cottingham Times click HERE  




~Keep checking back for updates on promotions~




Promoting The 10th Anniversary Event 2015


On Your Radio: 

  • EGH Radio is a platform for unsigned and emerging artists to showcase their music. EGH Radio will be with us live for the full weekend where Diane Green will be based at the BCD Stage Downstairs at Venue 4 (The Duke Of Cumberland) for the 2015 festival. 

  •  EGH Radio, Beverley FM and BBC Radio Humberside have been building up to the festival with interviews and/or promotional shows. Keep tuning in for soundbites, interviews and our performers' music :-)  

In Your Wallet:

  • Love Local discount vouchers can be used at the following venues, both during the festival and afterwards, when you've recovered and fancy a nice lunch!
  • Venue 3 The Blue Bell
  • Venue 5 The Cross Keys
  • Venue 7 The Railway
  • Venue 10 The Olive Garden
  • Plus at Kristoff's Restaurant

Round Your Wrist:

  • 10th Anniversary wristbands will be on sale at the festival. As well as helping raise funds they will also grant access to both stages and the fayre at Venue 1 (The Civic Hall). Different bands will be available for different days at just £3. More information will be available shortly. 

In Your Mellow, Man:

  • A 21 track CD of featured festival acts is available at the festival featuring the following acts that have performed at the festival over the last 10 years. Only £3, proceeds will contribute to future Springboard Festivals:
  • 1, Not getting any younger - Office Party. 2, Just another nerdy kid -Mark Rowland 3, Down & Out - Young Jack 4, Rough Paper Hands -Street Urchin 5, Hickory Click Clark -The Ant Farm Collective. 6, Nurse Ratched - Black Kes 7, Plantpots by the stars -Ben Kitching DNA TV 8, Control Your Blues - Crooked Weather 9, In Circles - Happy Endings 10, Back Again -Turn up the Sun 11, Monster - Katie Spencer 12 Creepy Chris - Behind Closed Doors 13 Waves - Coaves 14, Love Game -Katrina Rae, 15, Slush fund blues - Streaming Lights. 16, Country Song - Sea of Wires, 17, Tomfoolery- Rebel Sell, 18, Falling For You -Living Room Lads. 19 British Values/Britannia's woe - Bard Of Holderness. 20 Life Time - Oedipus The King, 21, Needle on the record Endoflevelbaddie. 
  • CD Compiled by:
    Chris Warkup, Quiet Riot - The Beverley Alternative
    Chris Jordan - The Bard Of Holderness
    Original Cover Art By:
    Adam Tadman, Hull's Turbo Snail
  • All tracks used with the kind permission of the artists


In Your Paper:

Hull Daily Mail 23/4/15 Featuring: Festival Co-Ordinator Jayney Wright (centre front) and performers Young Jack. Article by Sophie Kitching.


Promoting the 2014 Springboard event


I you are a performer at this year's event and on the run up to the festival are also being interviewed or performing  on radio, TV or other media, let us know by mailing the details to so we can give you a plug. 

In New Media:

On Your Radio:
  • Hull Online Radio will be broadcasting live at the festival from various venues and will also be making recordings of the music featured. You can also follow them on Twitter HERE.

On Your Back:
  • T-shirts are available online in advance of the festival, click on this CLEMWEARlink to visit the site of our supplier and order yours now! The £10.50 cost will include postage and packing and delivery to your door - multiple/bulk orders may be cheaper. Funds will go directly to supporting future Springboard festivals.  


Promoting the 2013 Springboard event

On Your Radio: 
  • BBC Introducing will be live at Venue 1 (The King William IV)  and will be broadcasting the sets of The Happy Endings and Laurel Canyons


In new Media:

  • The Cottingham Times has an article here
  • BBC News In Pictures features photos of a selection of Springboard acts 



Promoting the 2012 Springboard event


On Your Radio:  
  • BBC Radio Humberside Live interview with Springboard performer Dominic Hook and organisers Jayney Wright & Doug on Sunday 27th May 9pm-ish
  • BBC Radio Humberside will be broadcasting live from Venue 4 The Duke Of Cumberland on Sunday 3rd June from 8pm with presenter Alan Raw


Promoting the 2011 Springboard event

In New Media:

On Site:
  • Frank Johnson at Venue 3 The Blue Bell has a BOSE compact L1 and L2 PA equipment in use and on display and a BOSE sound engineer on hand to talk to until 4pm each day over the festival weekend.The equipment combines superb acoustic performance with staggeringly compact, lightweight design. These systems are typically capable of filling a 500 seat auditorium with crystal clear sound in such a way that the performers hear the same as their audience, eliminating the need for stage monitors. The configuration virtually eliminates feedback - come and have a listen.

On Your TV:



  • BBC 1's Look North programme is visiting organisers Phill Wilson & Fudgey @ Venue 4 The Duke Of Cumberland Friday afternoon 27th May, for Look North's 6pm show on BBC1 on Friday 27th May.


On Your Radio: 





  • BBC Radio Humberside Live interview from Venue 1 the King Billy with organisers Jayney Wright & Doug Peters Friday 27th May 5pm-ish


  • BBC Radio Humberside will be broadcasting live from Venue 4 The Duke Of Cumberland on Sunday 29th May from 8pm with presenter Alan Raw







Promoting the 2010 Springboard event


In New Media:  On Thursday 1st April, Springboard Performers Phill Wilson (MyOneManBand), FudgeyAbbie Lammas, Jennie Beasty (The Nocturnal Flowers) and Doug Peters will be chatting about Springboard on Humber TV - tune in on the night around 7.30pm or watch the archived podcast by clicking either the link below or on the logo.






On Your Radio:    On 23rd May Springboard performer Abbie Lammas will be interviewed on BBC Radio Humberside's Raw Talent show between 8pm and 9pm about her music and involvement with the festival.









Promoting the 2009 Springboard event




On The Radio:
  • Springboard tie-in: Springboard performers Dave Abbott and Doug Peters will be interviewed about the festival on KCFM 99.8 Radio at 8pm on Sunday 17th May 2009.
On Facebook:

If you have a Facebook account, you'll be able to access both the SPRINGBOARD 2009 EVENT PAGE, and an application called SPRINGBOARD FESTIVAL FUN where you can send your mates such iconic gifts as "Never Dull With Dennis" T-Shirts, Wonky Flagstones, or even the Hallgate Tavern in its entirety (see screenshots below).    








Promoting the 2008 Springboard event


The annual Cottingham Springboard event is regularly publicised throughout the local and national media and music web sites. The 2008 festival in particular has garnered interest from the national dailies due to its rapid expansion and our line-up for this year, so watch out for us being mentioned in your favourite paper as we approach the festival weekend.



On Your Radio 

Broadcasting on Saturday 7th June live from the festival itself, Springboard's Doug Peters gives a live phone interview on BBC Radio Humberside's Amanda Thompson Show.

Tune in to Monday 2nd June's RPB Show on Seaside FM which runs between 6pm - 9pm to hear Mark Robinson interview Springboard's Ukulele Bill about the 2008 Cottingham Springboard Festival and to hear some of Bill's music; also featuring special guest  Val Marshall a singer-songwriter of Americana who is performing at this year's festival.

Tune in to WHCR FM on Thursday 5th June at 3pm to hear  Bill Robinson interview Springboard's Ian Kennington and Doug Peters about the 2008 Cottingham Springboard festival.

Each year a CD compilation of music from selected Springboard performers is distributed to radio stations around the UK to help promote the event and the artists. The selection of  artists on each compilation changes annually.




If you can help promote or support Springboard in any way, please contact Jayney Wright on