Niel Kirton, organiser of the successful and long-standing Tuesday night "Tap" events at the St John pub in Hull, often featuring international acts and acts with a cult following, has organised excellent Springboard stages in the past and he'll be organising the upstairs stage at the Duke for 2016.

Dogfinger Steve is known for running a regular stage over at Filey Folk Festival and the Hardwired Open Mic, and has assisted us here with running stages at Springboard in the past, we're pleased to welcome him aboard organising the Hardwired Stage for Springboard 2017  



  Venue 4 - The Duke Of Cumberland

Venue Organiser - The TAPROOM Stage (Upstairs)


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Venue Organiser -  THE HARDWIRED Stage (Downstairs)



The 2017 programme for the Duke Of Cumberland venue will be updated here - watch this space. As with all such events, published schedules are occasionally subject to changes without notice. All enquiries regarding the line-up, bands/acts that would like to perform here, or from those wishing to volunteer and help out as Stage Crew for this venue should be directed to the relevant Venue Organiser above. For other information please see the FAQ page.



watch this space for updates


Friday 26th May
UPSTAIRS at The Tap Room Stage

7.00pm      Rob Bywater
7.45pm      Eddie Bellamy
8.30pm      Rowland
9.15pm      Snake Oil Charmers
10.00pm    Bobby Joyce & Ched


DOWNSTAIRS at The Hardwired Stage

7.30pm      Keith Newby
8.30pm      Jack Parker
9.25pm      Dogfinger
10.20pm    The Alligators


Saturday 27th May
UPSTAIRS at The Tap Room Stage

2.00pm      Jessica Wheelan
2.45pm      Chris Speck
3.30pm      Terry Igoe
4.15pm      Pete Stokes
5.00pm      Swan Johnson
5.45pm      The Planks
7.00pm      Dogfinger Steve
7.45pm      Jackson D
8.30pm      Lee Leroy Wainman
9.15pm      Evans McBarton
10.00pm    Kristian Eastwood

DOWNSTAIRS at The Hardwired Stage

1.00pm      Rivers Johansson
1.25pm      Jade
2.00pm      Cameron James Holland
2.40pm      Amber Warren
3.20pm      Geoff Green
4.00pm      Bad Cherries
4.40pm      The Becwater Bushwhakers
5.40pm      Keith Newby
6.35pm      Chicago Bound
7.30pm      Jim Danby
8.30pm      Act TBC
9.30pm      Freek
10.40pm    Act TBC


Sunday 28th May
UPSTAIRS at The Tap Room Stage

2.00pm      Usif Ali
2.45pm      Mike Chorley
3.30pm      Elizabeth Pickering
4.15pm      Work In Progress
5.00pm      The Crash Blossoms
5.45pm      Nick Thompson w. Paul Costello
7.00pm      Dan Brown
7.45pm      Ryan Mosleh
8.30pm      Thripp
9.15pm      Lindsey Simpson
10.00pm    Graham Graham Beck

DOWNSTAIRS at The Hardwired Stage

1.00pm      Keith Newby
1.25pm      Lynn McFarland
2.00pm      Amanda 
2.40pm      Alastair Artingstall
3.20pm      Martin Pierson
4.00pm      Thom Stello
4.40pm      Suzy Bradley
5.40pm      Roy "Leo" Lion
6.35pm      Alex Golisti
7.30pm      Mulholland
8.30pm      Lynward
9.30pm      Chris Martin
10.40pm    The Raywells