Chris Warkup has been promoting music since the 1990s and runs the Quiet Riot gigs at St Mary's Church in Beverley and Culture Train music events at venues along the Hull-Bridlington train line.

Mark Rowland runs In The Rough creative showcases and also assists with live music at Off The Road, returning to Anzali to run a stage for the Cottingham 2017 Springboard festival


James Bolton runs Ardent Music Promotions and open mic events in Hull, and returns to Anzali to run a stage for the Cottingham 2017 Springboard festival







 Venue 10 - Anzali

Venue Organisers:

The Quiet Riot Stage: Chris Warkup
The In The Rough: Introducing Stage: Mark Rowland
The Ardent Music Stage: James Bolton




The 2017 programme for the Anzali venue will be updated here - watch this space. As with all such events, published schedules are occasionally subject to changes without notice. All enquiries regarding the line-up, bands/acts that would like to perform here, or from those wishing to volunteer and help out as Stage Crew for this venue should be directed to the relevant Venue Organiser above. For other information please see the FAQ page.


Friday 26th May

The Quiet Riot Stage
12.40pm    Chris Jordan, The Bard of Holderness
1.20pm      Ollie Smith
2.00pm      Bernie Laverick
2.40pm      Craig 'Vinnie' Whitehead
3.20pm      Ian 'Biz' Beharrell
4.00pm      James Wood
4.40pm      Sarah Shiels
5.20pm      Ty Rokahr


Saturday 27th May

The In The Rough: Introducing Stage
12.00pm     Cameo Brooks
12.30pm     Casey Stevens
1.00pm       Joe Quillin
1.30pm       Kayde Hill
2.00pm       Terry Igoe
2.30pm       Katrina Rae
3.00pm       Jack Kirman
3.30pm       Leah Andrew
4.00pm       Motormouf
4.30pm       Marx
5.00pm       Tom Van Wren
6.00pm       Kirs Key
6.30pm       Vinnie Whitehead
7.00pm       Harrison Rimmer


Sunday 28th May

The Ardent Music Stage
12.00pm      Niall Tennison
12:40pm      Natalie Morley
1:20pm        Tess Fletcher
2.00pm        Bad Cherries
2:40pm        Kali Taylor
3:20pm        Paige Mackenzie
4,00pm        Break
4:40pm        Louie McDonald
5:20pm       James Wood