Cottingham Springboard Festival

     25tH - 26th - 27th May 2018              

Cottingham Springboard Festival 2018


​Acoustic - Electric - Eclectic

Please use the venue links above to see the programme for a particular venue,
and the details of those managing stages 

This site will be continuously updated up until the festival kickoff,
so please keep checking back for updated information.


Notice to all players and stage organisers. Due to the popular demand of the festival. We will be asking players to only play up to two stages at the festival this year.

We are asking stage organisers for a constant update each week so it will be whoever gets their bookings. If someone is booked a third time we may ask the stage organiser to choose another artist. 

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Cottingham Civic Hall

Main stage: Cottingham Springboard Festival 2018

The battle to save Cottingham Civic Hall is finally over, The East Riding Council has handed over the buildings to Cottingham Village Trust. This means the Civic Hall remain in the heart of the community to create many more future memories for the residents of Cottingham.


We urge everyone to support the Cottingham Civic Hall as much as possible. It has many events going on throughout the year. Click on link to find out more.


The New Adelphi Club, Hull


One of the original inspirations for the Springboard event's desire to showcase fresh, unsigned local original talent (other than John Peel and an intense dislike of karaoke) was fired by Hull's New Adelphi Club and its commitment to taking a risk with new or little-known acts (ask around, you'll soon discover many of them went on to fame and fortune). We'd like to thank Paul Jackson at the Adelphi for that inspiration, and show our solidarity with promoters who engage with grassroots music and encourage its accessibility for everyone.


 Dedicated To The Memory Of Lesley Caruana


The Springboard team would like to dedicate the Cottingham Springboard Free Live Music Festival to the memory of Lesley Caruana, who passed on after a long and determined fight against cancer. Wife of Dennis (who was one of the original Springboard founders and still continues his involvement), Lesley actively supported the festival and the musicians right from the festival's beginning. From her hospitality to the festival's performers to her inspiration of individual musicians, she was a great friend to many many people, and will be sorely missed by the Springboard community.

She is stardust
She is golden
And she's found her way
Back to the garden



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Celtarabia headlining Cottingham Civic Hall Main Stage. Saturday 26th May 2018

Frogg Brothers headlining Sunday night  27th May at Civic Hall

Loudhailer Electric Company performing at  Civic Hall. Sunday evening 27th May 2018. 

Sam & Ben Arkut performing Friday evening 25th May Cottingham Civic Hall.